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How do I select a great repair center?

The state law provides you with the right to take your vehicle to the repair center of your choice. There is a good deal of mis-information that people need to weed out when selecting a repair center. Because consumers do not purchase collision repair work frequently or out of desire, they need to understand the real facts about selecting a repair center.

DO NOT select a repair center because they provided you with the lowest estimate. Initial estimates only detail the visual damage to your vehicle. There is almost certainly going to be more damage discovered after the vehicle is disassembled and inspected thoroughly.
DO evaluate the people you have come in contact with. Were they courteous? Did they explain the insurance claim process to you? Were they knowledgeable and did they take a real interest in your vehicle?
• The collision center appraiser should explain your damage estimate to you in detail so you know what needs to be repaired and why.

DO make sure the repair center has a paint spray booth to ensure the highest quality paint finish possible.
• Ask to see cars awaiting delivery and inspect the quality.
• Ask for references of car dealers, insurance agents or customers that have had their vehicles repaired at the center. Yelp, Google, Yahoo and Facebook are great ways to see what people are saying about that shop you choose


Do I need to collect 2-3 estimates for my insurance company?

No! In fact, when you think about it, you don’t really need an estimate at all. You just need your car repaired. You have the right to have your car repaired at the repair shop of your choice. We hope you choose Brookston Body Shop.


How much will this cost me?

Generally our customer is responsible for paying only their insurance deductible plus any “betterment” or “depreciation” as assessed by the insurance company. Often times, our customers ask to have non-accident related dings or scrapes repaired while the vehicle is already in the shop. It is a good time to restore the value and beauty back into your vehicle by fixing the dents, dings or scratches your vehicle gets in the parking lot or from driving down the road of life. We call this “extra work” and our appraisers can provide you with a written estimate to repair these blemishes too.


What should I do with the check from my insurance company?

We recommend that you endorse the insurance check over to Brookston Body Shop after the repairs are completed to your satisfaction. If you deposit the check, your bank will require the check to clear before you are able to draw funds against it, possibly causing a delay in the delivery of your completed vehicle. Please note that our payment policy requires payment in full at the time of the delivery.


When will my vehicle repairs be completed?

We realize what a huge inconvenience it is to be without your vehicle. That is why our customer service goal is to deliver “Quality On Time – Every Time”. However we are unable to provide you with a realistic promise date until we have had an opportunity to ...
• Completely and systematically dismantle your vehicle.
• Methodically inspect every part for damage.
• Have your insurance company come out to view the damage and provide us with their complete supplemental appraisal.
• Order and receive 100% of all the parts needed to repair your vehicle.
We want to give you the best repair in the business and promise to complete the repairs as quickly as possible and keep you informed of our progress throughout the repair.


What kind of parts do you use?

There are three types of parts used in the repair process and all parts are not created equal.

1. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are made by or for the manufacturer of your vehicle. These parts are equivalent to the original parts on your vehicle.
2. New After Market parts are copies of your OEM parts made by another manufacturer. These parts are generally cheaper than OEM parts, but tend to be of lesser quality than OEM.
3. Used or Salvage parts are parts that have been recovered from “totaled” vehicles.

Brookston Body Shop prefers and requests to use OEM parts over all other types, but the insurance companies set their own policies to comply with Texas mandates on After Market part utilization. Unfortunately we have no control over their policies. If you are not satisfied with the usage of After Market parts, you may speak with your insurance company claim rep or appraiser to get them to authorize the use of OEM parts.


How do I pay?

Brookston Body Shop accepts several convenient methods of payment All repairs must be paid in full at the time of vehicle delivery.

Method of Payment
• Insurance checks can be endorsed over to Brookston Body Shop.
• Cash
• Personal Checks – up to $3,000 maximum. No temporary checks.
• All Major CC  for the amount of work performed.


Is it OK to leave my personal belongings in the trunk?

Please remove all of your belongings and valuables from the vehicle. During the repair process, our technicians will need trouble-free access to all areas of your vehicle as it gets disassembled, repaired, painted and reassembled. Your golf clubs and beach chair are better off when stored at home.


Do you offer rental car assistance?

Yes. We will be happy to assist you in coordinating a rental vehicle. We will have the rental company get in touch with you to schedule the car-swap when you drop your vehicle off with us. Most of the time we will gladly drive you to the Rental location since its right around the corner. We can also schedule a pick it. Make sure that you have a reservation number from your insurance company. You will need that to reserve your rental. Sometime rentals are scarce especially when Houston in having a national event where we have people coming in from other cities.

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